~How long have you been in bussiness? We started our business in 2002, We are a full time professional wedding photography studio.

~Do you offer other services besides wedding photography? No we Specialize in wedding photography thats why we do it best.

~How many photographers are at your studio? We have 5 main Photographers and 10 assistants, We only book upto 3 per day and keep 2 as a back up to ensure if something was to happen we would have your wedding covered with a compitent photographer from our studio.

~ who Picks the photographer? We assign the photographers to the weddings, We do not promise any one specific photographer because if that person was to get sick or something and could not make it we don't want you to think you are getting 2 nd best if someone else had to do your wedding. All of our photographers actually have degrees in photography and this is 100% of there income. All of them start out as assistants and work there way up from there to become mains as there skill level increases.

~what is you deposit? Our non-refundable deposit is $300 to book the date.

~do the photographers eat at the wedding? Yes it is a very long day for the photographers and you can't expect them to work all day with out food. If you provide a meal for them that is appreciated, If not the photographers leave during dinner so that they can eat as we'll. It is best if you feed them this way they are there for anything that may happen during dinner. They will tell you when they leave if they do and when they get back this way you could plan the events accordingly if they have to leave site for dinner. If you have anymore specific questions please feel free to contact the studio. bmcmillen@mac.com